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To honor the ‘Photochemistry’ theme of the conference, there is only one place where this event should be held, being Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Culturally, Eindhoven is known as the city of lighting. It is an industrial city by origin, where the light bulb was produced by Philips. The Philips factory (known as Strijp-S) is currently used as an artistic hot spot, where many events are organized in an industrial setting. The Photo4Future event will be held at this location.

Conference Secretariat Photo4Future

Eindhoven University of Technology

Berg en Dalseweg 122 | 6522 BW Nijmegen | The Netherlands

P.O. Box 31126 | 6503 CC Nijmegen | The Netherlands


phone +31 (0)88 495 20 00

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Berg en Dalseweg 122
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